Wage And Hour Violations

Attorney Mauro Fiore, Jr. is a Los Angeles Wage & Hour Violations Lawyer. He and his legal team have won more than $100 Million for injured clients since 2001.

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When Should I Get My Overtime Pay?

If you are like most California workers, you enjoy working overtime, not because you love the extra work, but because you love the time-and-a-half or double-time wage rates you receive. Sometimes you have that money spent in your mind before you even get it. Even if not, your overtime pay is important to you, and you want your employer to pay it as soon as possible.

Dollar bills and coins left as a tip in restaurant

What Rights Do California Workers Have When It Comes To Tips?

For certain workers, such as restaurant workers, the tips received from customers may make up a significant portion of the overall income they get from their job. Among the thing such employees may be concerned about is whether their employer is treating them fairly when it comes to their tips. So, it can be important for workers who regularly receive tips to understand their rights.

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