New CHP Course Aimed At Reducing Car Accidents For Teen Drivers

New CHP Course Aimed At Reducing Car Accidents For Teen Drivers

A driver’s license is a ticket to freedom for many teens. It means no longer needing to rely on mom and dad to take them from place to place. They are able to go where they want, when they want to go there. While it is exciting for teens to finally be able to drive, they also need to know about some of the risks that may arise when they are behind the wheel.

A new program by the California Highway Patrol has been designed to help teens understand how to be safer drivers. According to the CHP, teen drivers make up only 4 percent of licensed California drivers. However, despite the small number of them on the roads, they are found to be at fault in 66 percent of fatal motor vehicle accidents, where at least one of the cars involved was driven by a teenager.

The “Start Smart” program is geared toward new drivers aged 15 to 19 and also includes information for the teen’s parents. In the two-hour class, drivers will learn about some of the tips that they may use to avoid accidents, including some of the maneuvers that they can use when sudden moves may be necessary.

Parents in the class are reminded to practice safe driving habits as well, because teen drivers will be closely watching them while learning how to drive. Any bad habits might be handed down to the teen drivers. While these habits may not seriously impact an experienced motorist, those just learning to drive do not have the ability to do anything that removes any attention from the road.

Because of the high accident rate among teen drivers, California has taken many steps in an effort to make roadways safer for all motorists. The provisional driver’s license rules within the state place restrictions upon all drivers under the age of 18. Motorists under 18 may not operate motor vehicles between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. or transport a passenger age 20 or under, unless accompanied by a parent, guardian, licensed driver over 25 or certified driving instructor. Drivers under 18 are also prohibited from using a hand-held cellphone while driving.

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