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Former professor sues University of California

Whether employed in the private sector or the public sectors, employees have the right to be treated fairly by their employers in California. This includes the ability to have potential problems and allegations of wrongdoing handled appropriately. One man who has been terminated from his job with the University of California is actually alleging that the UC Board of Regents has retaliated and discriminated against him.

Understanding federal anti-discrimination laws at work

Whether you are an employee or an employer in California, you should know what laws govern discrimination in the workplace and what businesses must abide by these laws. According to the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, most companies are covered by at least some portion of the federal anti-discrimination laws.

California “day of rest” clarified

A new ruling from the California Supreme Court has granted more leeway to employers on the day off guaranteed to workers. According to the San Francisco Business Times, this ruling is meant to clarify whether or not an employee is entitled one day off out of every work week or if that is a moving seven-day period.

What is the Department of Fair Employment and Housing?

Have you been concerned about or suspected that you have been impacted by some type of discrimination at work in California? Maybe you have felt discriminated against in the process of seeking a job for which you were not ultimately hired. When these things happen, you need to know what rights you have and what laws and agencies handle these issues.

Bullying by a co-worker

Have you ever felt as though a colleague has treated you inappropriately at work in California? If so, you are sadly not alone. Forbes indicates that a researcher from the University of Phoenix suggests that nearly three-fourths of all workers in America have experienced some type of bullying at work. Additionally, this bullying may happen from people in a range of positions from those above you to those below you as well as from your own peers.

How common is sex-related harassment at work?

If you have heard reports about people saying they have been harassed at work because of their gender or that they have encountered sexual harassment in the workplace in California, you may have wondered how often this actually happens. Maybe you have known someone who has experienced this type of harassment. Perhaps you have even been on the receiving end of such inappropriate and illegal behavior. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission collects and reports data on the number of reports of sex-based harassment filed around the nation and that can give some insight into how broadly spread this problem is.

Know your rights at work

Work can be back-breaking and intellectually consuming, so it is important to be paid fairly, and in California there are specific laws protecting employees from wage theft or discrimination. Not only do employers need to meet the state minimum wage, there are other laws on the books affording rights to California workers.

Laws Protecting the Rights of California Workers

You might be familiar with basic labor laws, but there are, in fact, a litany of legislative and administrative rules dictating appropriate behavior for employers in California. Infractions should not be taken lightly, and according to the Society for Human Resource Management, there are a number of new employment laws that will take effect throughout the state in 2017. It is important that employers and employees alike be aware of the labor laws that rule the workplace, including some of the most common violations.

What can be done when an employer retaliates?

Among the many laws that companies must comply with in the state of California are those that govern how they may or may not treat their employees or people who are seeking employment with them. Among these laws is the clear identification that is it illegal for a company to retaliate against an employee. This may be done through demotions, terminations, job denials or other actions. If you believe you have been retaliated against, you should know your rights.

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