Some Football Helmets Offer Little Protection Against Concussions

Some Football Helmets Offer Little Protection Against Concussions

When purchasing a football helmet for your child, you’d like to think the team equipment manager takes into account the safety of the helmet, as well as its cost and aesthetics. However, until recently, the only evaluation of a helmet’s safety has been a skull fracture rating from the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment.

Concussions, being a prevalent injury in most levels of football, have not been considered in the safety ratings of helmets — until recently, as experts have become more aware of the dangers concussions pose to the health of football players.

Two Popular Helmets Offer The Least Protection

Virginia Tech released results of an eight-year study evaluating concussion risk of various models of football helmets. The study reveals that two very popular models of helmets worn by high school and college athletes have minimal protection against concussions. The Riddell VSR4, a model worn by thousands of high school and college athletes but no longer in production, and the Adams A2000, still on the market, ranked the lowest in protecting against concussions.

Game Day And Simulated Helmet Testing

College football players in the study wore helmets that were fitted with instruments for tracking the severity of hits to the head and making comparisons to documented concussion data. Additionally, helmets were dropped from different heights to simulate and measure the force on a player’s head.

For years, helmet companies have not disclosed their testing practices and data to the public. This has led to unverified advertising claims and other issues still under government investigation.

An additional safety concern among high school and college football teams include heat illnesses during practices. With practices starting in late August, reports of players suffering heat stroke and dehydration are on the rise. In light of the increase in temperature, more frequent water breaks are becoming the norm during summer practice for many teams.

While previously players may have shrugged off concussions as “seeing stars” or having their “bell rung,” player safety regarding concussions is rightly now the focus of many studies and concern from the professional level on down. Studies, such as done in Virginia Tech, may help keep our young athletes safer and protect against inferior products.

If you or your child has experienced a traumatic brain injury (which includes concussions and other brain injuries) while playing football or in a car accident, you may wish to consult with a personal injury attorney to discuss your situation.

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