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How can you keep your neck protected?

California motorcyclists like you hear plenty about wearing helmets to protect your head and brain. But what about your neck? This area is also prone to damage, and damage to the neck can impact your quality of life to mild, moderate, or severe degrees depending on the type of accident you get into and the injury you face.

Motorcycle Daily advocates always protecting your neck while riding, and states that there's a new way to do so which has been embraced by the motorcycle community. They state that head and body injuries are generally pretty well-covered in the scope of damage prevention, or damage limitation at the very least. Since most motorcyclists understand that accidents are inevitable and work to mitigate the damage that might occur rather than trying to eradicate the potential of getting into an accident in the first place, it makes sense to wonder why neck protection is not up to par.

Does distracted driving contribute to commercial truck crashes?

When California drivers like you end up in an accident involving commercial trucks, luck is often not in your favor due to the size discrepancy between vehicles. To make matters even worse, a number of these accidents are caused by something completely avoidable: distracted driving. At the Law Offices of Mauro Fiore, JR., we work with you to get to the root cause of your accident and get you the compensation you deserve.

Distracted driving does occur among all types of drivers on the road, and that includes commercial truck drivers. A recent study that surveyed commercial drivers revealed that distracted driving is quite a huge problem, and a big contributor to accidents. Drivers of large commercial vehicles unfortunately let their attention drift from the road just as often as anyone else.

Heavy trucks can cause real damage on the road

Drivers across California understand the dangers distracted driving or speeding pose when behind the wheel, but many may not realize that the weight of a nearby truck can have a huge impact on what happens in the event of an accident. 

As Fox 23 News reports, trucks that carry loads heavier than the legal limits can pose a danger to other vehicles on the highway. With increased weight comes more time needed to stop the vehicle. This can take a toll on the truck's tires as well, which could become an issue on the road if a tire is to suddenly go flat, making the truck more difficult to handle. An increased weight also means multiplying the amount of damage a big rig could cause in an accident. Twice the weight often creates much more than double the damage. 

Pay transparency and discussing wages

Although many have been told it is not polite to discuss finances, some workers in California disagree. As the San Francisco Chronicle reports, an online spreadsheet has been circulating Google since 2015 where employees can list their salaries for public viewing. Since its inception, employees have made it their own, adding new features to the spreadsheet and analyzing the data available in different ways. Some have used the information to negotiate pay raises. 

That is one reason the management were not especially pleased that the document was gaining popularity. Many companies try to restrict salary information and attempt to discourage their employees from discussing wages, but both federal and California law prohibit employers from taking punitive or retaliatory measures against employees who choose to disclose their salary information to others. Transparency in wages is one way workplace discrimination can be discovered, and some companies are using this to help them move towards a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

Truck drivers are older and working too much

Across California, families are hitting the highways to make the most of the summer with a road trip. Yet new reports show that sharing the road with big rigs as regulations change has made truck drivers older and more exhausted, putting other cars on the road at risk.

As USA Today reports, California has a unique issue as many trucks are driven by port truckers, who take large loads from the ports in Los Angeles only a short distance. Often these drivers head from the port to a warehouse or to the train that will be carrying the load for the next leg of its journey. But due to a regulation requiring port trucking companies to buy entirely new fleets back in 2008, many companies forced the vehicles' debt onto drivers who lease the trucks and who can lose thousands of dollars paid into their trucks if they are fired from the company. This intense financial obligation leaves the drivers open to extreme exploitation, which is often exercised by the companies forcing their drivers to keep working well past the legal hourly limits and having them falsify their driving records. Some truckers drove up to 20 hours in one day and recounted stories of company parking lots being locked, forcing the trucks back on the road to pick up more loads.

What is crash reconstruction?

When California drivers get into accidents, it can be difficult to determine who is at fault. Fortunately, there are tools that law enforcement and other professionals can use to get the most accurate idea of what happened during the crash.

Vehicular accident reconstruction, or traffic collision reconstruction, is one of these tools. According to the National District Attorneys Association, crash reconstruction is vital to putting together what happened during an accident, especially if there were no witnesses to help corroborate stories. Things that crash reconstruction can reveal may include:

  • Where the crash occurred
  • How it happened
  • Why it happened
  • Who was at fault

Where do slip and fall accidents occur?

Slip and fall accidents can happen to anyone at any time in California. We at the Law Offices of Mauro Fiore, JR., provide people like you with all the information you need on things like the biggest contributing factors of these accidents, or their most common locations.

While it's possible for you to slip or fall at any location, certain areas are more dangerous than others. These areas can include:

  • Crowded places like stadiums
  • Places with uneven ground or obstacles
  • Poorly lit locations
  • Parking lots

What are common injuries from motorcycle crashes?

California motorcyclists are aware of the dangers that go hand-in-hand with riding. However, if you get into an accident, you could find yourself facing potential injuries you may not have considered. The Law Offices of Mauro Fiore, Jr. is here to provide useful information to you, such as top injuries that motorcycle crashes result in.

Motorcycle crashes can have a heavy impact on your body for the simple fact that you aren't anywhere near as covered as you would be in a traditional passenger vehicle. Because of the openness of a motorcylce, your body often takes the brunt of the impact. This is why broken bones are a top common injury. This includes all extremities, especially the legs. Spinal injuries are also common, whether it's a strain or break.

Reasons behind distracted driving

Distracted driving is a problem across the nation, and California drivers are no exception. But just what causes distracted driving? How many reasons exist behind distracted driving, and how common are they?

Safe Start lists the top ten causes of distracted driving, and perhaps surprisingly, the leading cause is "general distraction". This includes thinking of other things while driving, or essentially letting the mind wander. A whopping 62 percent of distracted driving accidents are caused by this. The runner-up cause is using cellphones, which causes 12 percent of accidents. This can include making phone calls or, more popularly, texting or checking messages while driving.

What form does workplace discrimination take?

The goal of any worker is to feel comfortable in their working environment. Unfortunately, workplace discrimination can occur anywhere in California. At the Law Offices of Mauro Fiore, Jr., we provide you with important information about discrimination at work so that you can recognize the signs and get the help you deserve.

Workplace discrimination comes in many forms and can happen to any worker. If you're a pregnant woman in the workplace, for example, you may be discriminated against just because you're an expecting mother. Pregnant women are sometimes given reduced hours, denied promotions, or are even let go entirely from their position simply because they cannot physically do as much as other counterparts among their coworkers and are expected to be taking time off soon for their child.


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