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How much is an attorney for a car accident?

A car accident attorney like The Law Offices of Mauro Fiore Jr work on a contingency basis which means there is no out of pocket to the injured and the lawyer only collects his/her portion upon settlement. For the injured victim this is known as a win-win. Car accident victims can even, in some cases, get advances on their qualified cases. The law firm will front most costs from discovery to experts to help maximize the settlement of their client as well as their own return on work. Their cost at the end of a settled case can usually be anywhere from 35-40%, based on if the case went to trial or not.

Should I contact an attorney after a car accident?

The best way to contact an attorney is by phone or filling out a simple case form that will lead to a case evaluation call. On this call the attorney will collect relevant information such as case details, date of injury, accident details, liability, damages and anything that can be useful in determining the qualifications of the case.

When should I contact an attorney after a car accident?

It is always best to contact a top car accident lawyer as soon as possible after the accident. This is because the lawyer can help you maximize your chance of settlement as well as amount of settlement. The law firm can help with gathering details, facts, testimonials, videos and any other information needed to help you fight the insurance companies that can play hard. Not only is it imperative to call a car accident attorney as soon as possible, but ever more important to call a car accident attorney who is viewed by his peers and legal publications as one of the best personal injury attorneys in the state of California as Mauro Fiore Jr is viewed. His settlement record has been considered one of the best by percentage in the state by many of his top peers. Contact his law firm, The Law Offices of Mauro Fiore, now for a free consultation on your car accident claim.

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