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Tips for driving in the rain in LA

It becomes national news any time it rains in Los Angeles and nearby cities. During one of the most recent storms, USA Today ran a story detailing people's reactions of the rain hysteria. 

While it can be fun to see some rain in Southern California, it is vital to remember that not everyone knows how to drive in the rain. Car accidents happen all the time in this area whenever it rains, but a few precautions can make all the difference. 

Unpaid work is often illegal

Has your boss ever asked you to do some work without pay? Did you feel like you had no choice, worrying that you would lose your job if you didn't do it?

This is often illegal, even though it does happen. You need to know your rights. Don't let your employer take advantage of you by getting work without compensating you.

3 ways holiday shopping can result in a slip and fall injury

Holiday shopping can be a hazardous endeavor. With rain in the Southern California forecast, your gift shopping may get even more dangerous. Precipitation can increase the chances of suffering a slip and fall accident while you shop. These types of accidents can be serious. In fact, they account for over one million visits to hospital emergency rooms each year.

You must be aware that every business has a responsibility to keep its premises safe. When businesses disregard this duty and you get hurt because of it, you may be able to seek compensation for medical costs and lost income from missing work. Here are some important facts you should know about holiday slip and fall injuries.

Why has the number of motorcycle crashes increased in L.A.?

Data compiled by the Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System showed a marked decrease in California motorcycle crashes in 2009 and 2010. Unfortunately, that was just a lull. Why do motorcycle accidents continue to increase in our state, especially in and around Los Angeles?

Stopping distances and the risk of tailgating

When someone is tailgating your car, does it make you feel a bit nervous and unsettled? Not only do you want to keep going at your current speed, but you know that person is recklessly putting you in danger.

The problem is that an emergency situation may not give them time to stop. Say a dog runs into the road and you hit the brakes to avoid it. If that car can't stop in time, it then hits your vehicle. You could suffer serious injuries, even if you were driving safely, just because the person behind you was careless.

What is a digital native?

Have you ever seen a company saying they want to hire a "digital native" in an employment ad? Have you wondered exactly what they meant?

Generally speaking, this just means they are looking for someone who was born after digital technology became as widespread and common as it is today. They grew up with cellphones, home computers and easy access to the internet. These things form their world. They cannot picture a world before these technologies were invented any more than most people could picture life before the invention of the car or the airplane. Technology is just something that, to them, has always been there.

FAQs about working overtime during the holidays

The holidays are upon us, which means the company you work for could be entering its busiest time of year. Your boss may schedule you to work on a holiday or ask you to work overtime. Working for long hours and on special days can be tiring and frustrating. You may have some questions about working during the holiday season.

You deserve fair treatment and pay no matter what time of year it is. Here are answers to some common questions about wage and hour laws during the holiday season.

Bystander pulls three people out of burning pickup

A pickup truck with three people inside crashed in California and caught on fire. The wreck happened right around 5:45 a.m. on October 21. Fortunately for all involved, a man who was nearby heard the wreck, ran to the scene, and pulled all three people out of the vehicle. They all survived.

The Good Samaritan downplayed his role after the incident, saying: "I'm just glad I was there in a position to help out."

Speed limits reduced around Los Angeles

Despite efforts by law enforcement, the death rate from car accidents in Los Angeles has remained high in recent years. Although the initial goal of the city's Vision Zero initiative was to decrease the total number of deaths from motor vehicle accidents by 20 percent, the rate only dropped by six percent. 

In an effort to reduce the number of traffic fatalities, the city has lowered speed limits. This initiative will also see more speed limit signs around the city so that drivers will be definitively aware of how fast is safe to drive. By reducing speeds, drivers can significantly reduce their likelihoods of ending up in auto accidents

Do you work at a movie theater? Watch out for on-the-job injuries

If you work at a movie theater, you expect your job to be relatively straightforward. Your primary job duties may include selling tickets, serving popcorn and cleaning theaters. Whatever you do, you play an important part in providing a comfortable and entertaining environment for moviegoers. 

However, while you may think your job is mostly simple or even enjoyable, there are some hazards at movie theaters that may cause you harm. Movie theater safety is crucial not only for patrons but for workers too. Here is a look at how your job may cause you to sustain an injury.

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