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Falls: the leading cause of injury among seniors

While there will always be environmental factors out there that enhance the chances of you falling and hurting yourself, as an older American, you face an especially heightened risk of a slip-and-fall accident. Today’s older Americans often have a number of age-related risk factors working against them that, together, elevate their risk of a slip-and-fall accident. When older people do fall down, they are more likely to suffer serious injuries than those who fall outside of this age group.

Falls are now so common among Americans 65 and over, per the National Council on Aging, that they have become the number-one cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries among members of this age group. Just what is it about growing older that makes you particularly susceptible to falling and hurting yourself? Is there anything you can do to help minimize your fall risk? As a senior, you may face a heightened risk of falling if one of the following factors is true.

2 injured in T-bone accident requiring Jaws of Life

A serious crash is dangerous to the people involved. On top of suffering injuries, they may need help but be unable to receive it while trapped in their vehicles. In those cases, people may develop complications or more severe injuries than if they could have received help immediately.

This crash is a good example of how serious one can be. Three vehicles crashed in Sylmar, leading to two people struggling with life-threatening injuries and a child being involved in the collision. According to the news from Mar. 3, a man was leaving a marijuana dispensary when he T-boned a passing vehicle. This pushed it into traffic and caused both a husband and wife to face severe injuries.

New traffic safety laws for California in 2019

Generally, you expect roads to be safe. You expect motorists, motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians to follow the laws and be mindful of the safety of everyone else. Traffic and road laws help everyone avoid accidents

California has a multitude of new rules and regulations regarding driving and bicycling in 2019. Here are a few of the most notable new traffic laws that may affect your safety. 

Slip-and-fall accidents can happen with dust, sand and debris

Spring and summer weather may seem like it's fairly innocent. Except for rain, there's really nothing that can cause slip-and-fall accidents, right? That's not entirely true.

Though you might not think about it, one thing that can cause people to slip and fall is dry weather. How? When dry weather is present, sand and small debris can gather. While you may say that this creates additional friction, it can also cause a kind of slick area that people could slide on. On stairs, for instance, sand can move below your foot and result in a fall.

If a car collides with an overloaded semi, the semi wins

From the perspective of a motorist, the problem with traveling near an overloaded 18-wheeler is that there may be no indication of impending trouble.

On a freeway, traffic may hem the motorist in, and he or she might be unable to get out of the way if the cargo in the big rig should shift. The result could be a devastating collision.

Officers file lawsuits over anti-gay workplace practices

News out of Los Angeles may not be surprising to some people, but it is turning into national news. LGBT officers have claimed that they have faced significant discrimination in the workplace, sometimes being harassed or threatened. Now, they're suing as a result of all they've been through.

One officer described how a cadet informed him that he knew he was gay. He said that if the officer admitted it, he would shoot him. Despite filing a complaint about this and other situations, he stated that nothing happened. The treatment continued, the officer believes, because he was a gay man. In 2016, he decided to sue the California Highway Patrol for a total of 20 years of harassment and discrimination.

How to avoid an accident while driving in the rain

The Los Angeles area has gotten a lot of rain as of late. Storms poured through Southern California in January and February, and with that rains comes an increase in car accidents

It does not rain often in Southern California, but when it does, many people do not adapt properly. Wet roads call for a different driving style or else you will greatly increase your chances of getting in a collision. Here are some tips to keep in mind the next time it rains in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. 

When an accident on the job causes a serious injury

When sudden accidents occur on the job, they can cause both physical and financial stress to the employee. Thankfully, there is a system in place to assist employees after workplace injury accidents.

In order to secure workers' compensation benefits, it is critical that employees follow all necessary steps.

Workers' compensation for work injuries that develop over time

Not all work injuries occur during a single incident; some develop over the course of months or years. In order to get workers' compensation benefits for those cases, the process is a little bit different.

Understanding the proper protocol is critical to gaining access to all available benefits.

Safety tips for family trips to amusement parks

There is no shortage of amusement parks in Southern California. These parks are fun places to take the kids on vacation and provide lasting memeories. 

You may be planning a family trip to one or more of the following:

  • Disneyland
  • Universal Studios
  • Six Flags
  • SeaWorld
  • Legoland
  • Water parks

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