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What can you do about employment discrimination?

Employment discrimination can turn a potentially fantastic job into a nightmare. That's one of the reasons that it's so important for everyone to report when there's a problem on the job. Whether you see a female coworker face discrimination, or you're passed over for a promotion because of a disability, you need to point out when something seems wrong.

Discrimination is wrong, and there are several groups of people protected against discrimination by law. People are protected against discrimination based on age, race, color, religion, sex, pregnancy, national origin, disability, genetic information and other differences.

Why should you go to the doctor after a crash?

You would go to the doctor after a major health issue. If you became sick, for example, or if you fell and broke a bone. Many people also go to doctors for screenings after a major surgical procedure, just to make sure everything is healing correctly. Vehicle accidents are very much the same, but very few people go to the doctor after what they perceive as a minor incident.

You would probably want to seek medical attention as soon as possible after you had an auto collision. This is certainly the case if you had any type of injury. However, medical attention could also be informative after a crash that did not seem to harm you in any way. 

Victims of road rage accidents may pursue compensation

Most California motorists know that operating a vehicle is risky. A stable and calm mindset, and respect for other drivers, is necessary to reduce the likelihood of collisions and incidents that can result in catastrophic and life-threatening injuries, or even worse, death. Despite knowing the dangers, many drivers operate their vehicles haphazardly and recklessly and become angry at other motorists because of traffic congestion, personal issues, distractions and other concerns that result in road rage. 

Road raging drivers can be frightening to encounter on the road because their actions are threatening and often lead to aggressive driving behaviors that put everyone besides themselves in harm’s way. They are also more likely to cause hit-and-run accidents.

Berkeley Bowl faces class-action lawsuit for wage violations

A former employee of Berkeley Bowl has filed a class-action lawsuit against the grocer. The lawsuit claims that the grocery chain did not provide overtime pay appropriately to its workers.

The former employee claims that the company has violated several parts of the California Labor Code, as well as other laws, by mistreating employees. He currently estimates that 50 or more employees are in the same position that he is.

Crashes involving teen drivers spike in summer

As schools across California let out for the summer, and teenagers across the state start hitting the open road, your chances of getting into a car crash with a teen driver increase substantially. So much so, in fact, that the length of time between Memorial Day and Labor Day is now known as summer’s “100 deadliest days,” with the number of people losing their lives in teenage-driver-involved car wrecks rising considerably during this period.

According to AAA, the number of fatalities associated with teen-driver-involved car crashes rose 14 percent between 2015 and 2016, with 10 people losing their lives each day in crashes involving teenagers during the 100 deadliest days in 2016. In total, more than 1,050 people died in crashes involving teenage drivers in 2016, and some of these fatal car crashes shared certain elements in common.

Slipped? Fell down? Know what to do next

Slip-and-fall accidents have to be taken seriously, even if you think that you've survived the incident with no significant injuries. Imagine falling down on a set of stairs. Initially, you might think you're only scraped up and fine otherwise. However, after some time, pain and stiffness might show differently.

It's important not to wait to seek medical care if you fall, especially if you hit your head. In these cases, there is always a chance that there is a more nefarious injury lurking under a seemingly minor wound. It's worth being checked out by a doctor to make sure you're not badly hurt.

Hearing loss is America's most common workplace injury

When you think about the types of injuries you are likely to suffer on the job, you may think of things like back, neck, brain or repetitive motion injuries, depending on the industry you work in. It may surprise you to know, however, that the nation’s most common work-related injury is not any of these, but hearing loss.

According to USA Today, hearing loss is a highly pervasive problem for the American workforce, with roughly 22 million workers facing hazardous levels of noise in the workplace every year. While hearing loss can certainly take a physical toll on those it affects, potentially impacting a worker’s overall quality of life, it also takes a significant financial toll on the nation, with hear loss-related disability expenses topping $242 million annually.

Safety tips for aging drivers

As you age, your driving abilities may change. Not only do you become a more experienced and thoughtful driver, but your health conditions may also impact your safety. You may start to notice changes relating to your vision, hearing, motor functions and medications. 

But just because you are getting older does not necessarily mean you need to get off the road. You may simply need to adjust some of your driving habits. Here are some guidelines for ensuring your safety as you age.

What everyone should know about medication errors

You may rely on doctors, nurses, hospital staff and pharmacists to prescribe, dispense and administer medication. This is vital to treat a variety of health conditions. Unfortunately, errors regarding medication are common and can cause their own serious medical problems.

According to the FDA, medication mistakes injure approximately 1.3 million people in America every year. These preventable errors can cause you harm and even have fatal consequences. While it is ultimately up to medical professionals to prevent these mishaps, you can take some action to protect yourself against them.

Who is protected against employment discrimination?

Employment discrimination sadly occurs often in the United States. From an employer who passes over a potential hire due to their old age to an employer who refuses to hire people who appear Mexican, there are extremely discriminatory tactics that are used regularly.

Employment discrimination includes:

  • Unfair treatment due to your color, race, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age (40 or older), genetic information and other protected factors
  • Harassment from co-workers, employers or others in the workplace due to your disability, race, age, skin color, pregnancy and other protected factors
  • Retaliation against you due to complaining about job discrimination or because of you assisting with an investigation or lawsuit to do with discrimination
  • The denial of reasonable changes in the workplace that you need because of a disability or your religious beliefs
  • Improper questioning about your medical data or genetic information

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