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Do long trucker commutes endanger motorists?

Sharing the road with commercial truckers is an inevitable part of life in modern America, but if you are like many motorists, you may do your best to avoid traveling near large trucks whenever possible. In addition to their sheer size and weight making them dangerous, truck drivers often face tight schedules and considerable pressure, which sometimes leads them to make decisions that place you and other drivers in danger.

Some truckers abuse stimulants and other substances or try to save time by eating and drinking behind the wheel. Truckers with long commutes also pose a threat to the motoring public. Per, "long" commutes are those that last in excess of 150 minutes, and such long commutes are becoming increasingly commonplace among American truckers.

Is your child's toy on the danger list?

Between holidays, birthdays and other special occasions, your child likely receives dozens of toys each year. Most of the time, these additions only serve as a headache as you try to make room for them or get your child to put them away.

What should be more important is making sure the toy is safe. The most common hazard seems to be small parts that can cause choking. However, babies and toddlers are not the only ones in danger from defective toys.

Protecting riders and preventing injuries: part 2

California traffic laws are there to protect you, from the moment you step on your bike to the instant your kickstand hits the ground. At the Law Offices of Mauro Fiore, Jr., we consider it part of our professional duty as attorneys to help people understand and uphold these laws. We believe that education for all drivers is nearly as important as proper protective gear for bikers: Both have the potential to prevent injury and save lives. 

If you ride a motorcycle, then you probably know about most of these laws. After all, your license test covered all of the important safety points. Unfortunately, most of your fellow drivers out on the road do not have the same training you do. Our state does not require all drivers to demonstrate a thorough knowledge of required motorcycle safety equipment, for example. Other motorists are therefore less likely to have the ability to determine your risk of injury by quickly examining your gear. 

Protecting riders and preventing injuries: part 1

At the Law Offices of Mauro Fiore, Jr., we are aware that California motorcycle riders do not always get the respect they deserve when they head out on the road. However, we believe that your passion for riding should not have to come with an inordinate risk of catastrophic industry. This is one of the reasons we practice law: To make the road safer for everyone.

Even though some change must be enacted legally, there are still steps that you might want to take outside of the courtroom to make the roads a safer place for you. Getting some solid gear is one of the first recommendations we make to those interested in reducing their risk of injury. For example, while it may not protect you from the severe types of trauma that cause broken bones or spinal cord injuries, a quality jacket could save your skin from deep abrasions or road rash. These surface injuries might seem less important to you, but they have the potential to lead to serious infections or rack up hefty medical bills.

Winter driving hazards that affect Southern California drivers

Winter driving in most states is notorious for being dangerous, causing accidents and stranded vehicles. Ice and snow may not be part of Los Angeles winters, but the season still brings dangers to Southern California drivers.

Knowing what they are and how to prepare for them can help you drive safely this season, whether on the highway or in the mountains.

Why seniors are more susceptible to falling

While there are certain factors that increase everyone’s odds of falling down, such as insufficient lighting, cluttered pathways and icy sidewalks, you face an even greater chance of taking a tumble as you age. At the Law Offices of Mauro Fiore, Jr., we have a firm understanding of the reasons seniors are more likely to fall and suffer injury than those across other age groups, and we have helped many older Americans seek recourse after suffering injury because of someone else’s negligence.

Per, there are several key factors that make you more likely to fall as you age. Among the most notable is the fact that you tend to be less mobile as you age. This decline in physical fitness can lead to a loss of bone mass, coordination and strength, which makes you more likely to fall and hurt yourself. Your vision, too, often deteriorates as you age, and this, too, contributes to your chance of falling and suffering a serious injury as a result.

Santa Clarita truck crash highlights chain reaction dangers

No matter how large a truck is, the fact remains that trucks – ranging in size from light-duty pickup trucks to 18-wheelers towing multiple trailers – are larger than passenger vehicles and can cause a great deal of damage in traffic accidents. The size and speed of trucks, as well as their difficulty in slowing down or maneuvering to avoid an accident, can make truck collisions some of the deadliest types of accidents in California and elsewhere.

Additionally, trucks carrying heavy loads may have difficulty preventing chain reaction crashes that can injure or kill multiple people. This fact was unfortunately brought to light in a crash last November in Santa Clarita. It appeared to be a pickup truck pulling a trailer that rear-ended a car, which was then thrown forward into a city bus. The woman in the car was killed and at least one other person was injured.

Is there such a thing as safe buzzed driving?

As the holiday season approaches, many residents in California and elsewhere are making plans to attend work parties, go downtown with their friends or celebrate with family at their homes. You are probably aware of making responsible decisions with alcohol. If you had too much to drink at a get-together, you might have a designated driver or are prepared to call for a ride. However, what if you only had one or two drinks and only feel a little tipsy?

This is known as buzzed driving, which is technically driving with a blood alcohol content under the legal limit of .08 percent. Many people get behind the wheel with a low BAC, feeling a buzz but thinking they are all right to drive. However, according to RedOrbit, driving with any amount of alcohol in your bloodstream can be enough to impair your driving and affect your judgment and reaction time. In a study conducted by the University of California, San Diego, researchers concluded that drivers with only a .01 percent BAC have a 46 percent higher chance of causing fatal accidents than those with no alcohol in their systems.

How can California business owners be proactive about safety?

If you fall down the steps heading out the door of a shop or become the victim of an assault on someone's property, knowing the basics of premises liability will help you navigate in the months following the incident. California residents who find themselves injured on someone else's property may seek monetary compensation for medical expenses, emotional trauma and more. If you choose to go this route, you will primarily attempt to prove the business owner was negligent in maintaining the property, and the negligence was a substantial factor in causing harm.

According to Forbes, property owners can be proactive in preparing for accidents that will likely happen on their premises. Beyond simply investing in general liability insurance to cover expenses, they may follow what Forbes calls "best practices." These simple steps cannot offer a guarantee of no mishaps, but they can provide evidence of an owner's due diligence in caring for the buildings and grounds. 

Why construction workers are at high risk for back injuries

Construction workers, including those in California, are at higher risk of developing a musculoskeletal disorder than are all other workers combined. So says a recent study by the Center for Construction Research and Training.

The main reason for such risk is that construction workers often must lift and/or carry heavy loads. In addition, they often find themselves in awkward postures and consistently repeating the same body movements throughout the day. They also may be subject to excessive vibrations. Over time, these things cause their bodies to become chronically fatigued. This, in turn, causes their bodies to lose the ability to recover from each successive injury. Resulting conditions can include the following:

  • Tendon and muscle strains
  • Ligament sprains
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Tendonitis; i.e., inflammation of the tendons

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