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Dangers of working on or near scaffolding

Construction is an undeniably dangerous industry, and as someone who makes a living working on a construction site, you face unique on-the-job hazards. These hazards can come from faulty equipment, unsafe working conditions, working with electricity and more. Scaffolding is notoriously dangerous, resulting in many construction worker injuries across California and the nation every year.

Many scaffolding-related injuries result from similar circumstances and situations, so recognizing where your risks lie is your first line of defense against scaffold-related accidents. If you make your living as an erector, dismantler or other type of professional who relies on scaffolds, know that your injury risks include the following:

Understanding social host laws

As a California parent with teenaged children, you may have allowed your child to attend a friend's party or two, or even hosted a party in your own home. While it is true that having the kids at your house keeps your teenagers safe from driving home afterward, you should think twice before allowing underage kids to drink alcoholic beverages at your home. California has a social host liability law that holds you responsible if any of them becomes drunk and injures himself, herself or anyone else during or after the party.

How older drivers can avoid danger from other drivers

If you are an older driver, you may be tired of hearing jokes about having to hang up the keys soon despite your impeccable driving record. Sure, you acknowledge that some older people lose abilities such as vision acuity and cognitive function that affect how well they drive. However, you are not in that group.

Still, it does pay for you to drive as safely as possible and to perhaps even be extra careful. That is because as you age, you become more at risk for injuries and complications from procedures such as surgeries. In other words, your body is not in the same shape it was when you were 30, and it will not recover as quickly from harm as it would have when you were younger. What steps can you take to stay safe?

3 things your employer may do to avoid paying you overtime

If you are a nonexempt worker and you work more than 40 hours a week, you must get overtime pay. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the overtime rate must be at least one-and-a-half times the regular pay rate. If you do not see overtime compensation in your paycheck, you should consider taking legal action against your employer.

You should not have to put up with not receiving your rightful wages. Here are three ways your employer may be using to avoid paying you the overtime pay you deserve.

How race and ethnicity play a role in misdiagnosis

One of the ways a medical provider can commit malpractice is through misdiagnosis, which can include delaying, completely missing, or giving a wrong diagnosis. Misdiagnosis is a common form of medical error and a leading cause of death.

As if these numbers were not troubling enough, the rates are even higher among minorities. Unfortunately, it appears that race and ethnicity affects the rate of misdiagnosis.

Lesser known places where premises liability accidents happen

Premises liability cases entail sustaining an injury on public property, or private property you have a legal right to be on, due to the owner's negligence. Accidents can be the result of lack of maintenance, improper construction, obstructions, poor security measures or other dangerous conditions.

Common accidents are slips, trips-and fall- in supermarkets, retail stores and other commercial buildings, often from wet floors or loose inventory. However, these are not the only places you should exercise caution. Hazards are all around you, including these locations:

Why slip-and-fall accidents happen

Chances are that you have slipped (or tripped) on something and fallen at least once. In fact, spend some time around children learning to walk, and it is amazing how often they fall and how resilient their bodies are.

Unfortunately, even these children sometimes suffer serious injuries in slips and falls, and older children and adults are at risk too. It is worth examining a few top causes of slip-and-fall accidents.

Hazards found in restaurant kitchens

Working in a restaurant kitchen puts you at a unique risk of injuries. There are several potential hazards, including sharp knives, boiling hot liquids and slippery floors that can hurt you.

Nobody wants to get an injury on the job. This can make you lose time from work and deal with costly medical expenses. Being aware of the hazardous situations you face can help you protect yourself. Here are some things that can cause workplace injuries in the kitchen.

3 common supermarket worker accidents

As a supermarket worker, you may think your occupation is relatively simple. While you know you work hard, you may not think it is a particularly dangerous job. However, there are some hazards in grocery stores and supermarkets that may seriously injure you.

Grocery store accidents may leave you with lost wages and medical bills. You must be ready to file a workers' compensation claim if you sustain an injury, whether you are preparing food, stocking the shelves or working the register. Here are some common accidents and injuries that may affect grocery workers.

3 tips for dealing with LA traffic

Gridlock on the roads is one of the worst things about driving in Los Angeles. Massive traffic jams are frustrating whether you are commuting to work or heading to the beach. Sitting in traffic jams is a torturous ordeal that most people have to face every day when living in LA.

Not only is heavy traffic frustrating, but it can also be dangerous. Here are some tips you can follow to reduce your stress and stay safe in traffic jams.


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