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Here's 3 things you should know about California's wage laws

California is strict about its wage and hour laws. The laws are clear and require employers to pay accordingly. State wage and hour laws include laws about the minimum wage, overtime, meal breaks and more.

If an employer violates any part of the law, an employee may have a right to pursue compensation from them. Here's more information about wage and hour laws that may be of help to you.

Kevin Hart involved in serious crash in California

If you watch comedies or are interested in stand-up, then you are likely familiar with Kevin Hart. He was recently involved in a serious car crash in California. He was riding with a driver and another passenger when the vehicle, a 1970 Plymouth Barracuda, went off the road and rolled.

The California Highway Patrol reported that both Hart and the driver suffered major back injuries, but Hart's wife reported that he would be fine. The other passenger in the vehicle complained of pain, but their injuries weren't further disclosed. Fortunately, there were no reports indicating that any of the people involved were in life-threatening condition, and they were all taken to the hospital for treatment.

Common warehouse hazards

If you work in a warehouse, you are well aware that it is a physically demanding and dangerous job at times. Handling harmful equipment, working long shifts and performing strenuous tasks can easily cause you to suffer a workplace injury. You are at risk of developing a condition over time due to repetitive stress or sustaining an acute injury due to a sudden accident. 

The first step to being a safe warehouse worker is identifying hazards so you can avoid them. Watch out for these main causes of warehouse accidents.

Assigncorp pays out after failing to pay visa-holding employee

If you are working a job in America, then you are owed a fair wage. If you come here on a visa, you might be nervous about bringing up discrepancies in your pay, but you shouldn't be. The government can, and does, hold businesses accountable when they fail to pay according to visa program requirements.

Take, for example, this case. A company in Southern California ended up paying out $48,193 to an employee who was working with them on an H-1B visa after it was found to have violated parts of the visa program. Assigncorp, which is based in Glendale, California, was accused of paying less than the hourly rate required for the labor certification application for idle time in the visa program. Not making payments accordingly was a violation of federal law and led to the large payout to the employee.

Reach out for help if you're a victim of discrimination

No one wants to deal with discrimination at work. It's hurtful emotionally, and it can be harmful to their career prospects. It's nearly impossible to get ahead in a workplace where others are constantly putting you down.

Employment discrimination is against the law in America. Interestingly, people are not only protected when they are already employed. In fact, you are protected against discrimination during the hiring process as well.

Can you sue for slipping on wet stairs?

Although Los Angeles is unlikely to get snow or similar slick weather conditions, the reality is that people can still suffer from slip-and-fall accidents related to water. Business owners and individuals may be liable for those slip-and-fall accidents if the conditions of their properties were not safe as a result of failing to address water-related hazards.

Here's an example: If you're walking down steps that have no tread and it's raining, you could slip and fall as a result. Having slick steps is a hazard, so business owners should know better and provide non-slip pads or tread. In this case, the combination of failing to have non-slip treads and the poor weather conditions could be a recipe for a lawsuit. Similarly, if the stairs were next to a fountain that made them slick, it would be obvious that the owner should have assured the staircase was dry or had enough tread to prevent a fall.

3 tips for avoiding a crash in heavy traffic in L.A.

Car accidents aren't uncommon in Los Angeles due to all the traffic congestion. Those who are familiar with the area know to take back roads and neighborhood streets to avoid the most congested areas, but when tourism is at its peak, it's rush hour or major events are happening, crashes are likely to happen.

Whether you're visiting L.A. or you've been living there for some time, it's a good idea to get to know ways to avoid collisions in congested traffic. For example, do you know the best way to avoid a rear-end collision when there is little to no room to maneuver? Here are a few tips.

Do not let social media harm your personal injury case

Social media has become a part of everyday life for most Americans. In fact, according to estimates from the Pew Research Center, about 70% of adults in the United States use some type of social media. While there is nothing inherently wrong with posting to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or another platform, you do not want your online presence to damage your personal injury case. 

Recovering from a serious injury after a car crash can be incredibly difficult. If you cannot work or engage in social activities, your recovery may also be boring. Still, you may want to think twice about using social media as a creative outlet. That is, your online posts may make you appear healthier than you are. Here are some strategies for insulating your personal injury case from your social media posts: 

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