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Skilled Advocates For Employees In Labor Law Cases

Throughout California, complex state and federal laws govern employment issues and disputes. Whether you have been mistreated or discriminated against by an employer, or you need advice and counseling regarding your legal rights, it is important to speak with an experienced employment and labor law attorney.

Seasoned Litigators On Your Side

At the Law Offices of Mauro Fiore, Jr., in Los Angeles and Monrovia, our firm has provided assistance to employees throughout Los Angeles County who are faced with employment law questions and disputes. Our team has significant trial experience and has a long-established track record of successful verdicts and settlements in California.

We are committed to protecting employees’ rights in the workplace. You do not have to go through this alone. We will be there to help you every step of the way, from reporting the violation to your employer to filing a lawsuit to recover damages.

Protecting Your Rights After A Labor Law Violation

We have extensive experience representing employees who need assistance with the following legal matters:

Our lawyers are well-versed in employment and labor laws. We will review your situation, gather evidence to prove your case and explore all legal options to help you move forward with your future.

Frequently Asked Questions About Employment Law Cases

Here are some of the employment law questions we are often asked:

What remedies are there in an employment law violation case?

That depends on the circumstances of the case. Typically, a person can claim lost income, lost benefits and attorney fees. In some cases, a person can also claim compensation for emotional suffering. Though it doesn’t happen that often, a wrongfully discharged employee can also demand reinstatement and other noneconomic remedies. When we take your case, we will provide you with a more precise answer given your circumstances.

What should I do if I am being harassed at work?

Those who are suffering sexual harassment, racial harassment or harassment based on another type of protected class need to take action to protect their rights.

  • You should report the harassment to your human resources department or another authority in your workplace.
  • Keep a diary that details individual events, including the name of the harasser, date, time, place and a brief description of the offensive behavior.
  • Get the names and phone numbers of any witnesses to the events in question.
  • Talk with an experienced employment law attorney as soon as possible.

I’m working 60 hours a week but I’m not getting any overtime pay. What are my rights?

A significant number of people who are classified as “exempt” from wage and hour laws are in fact “nonexempt.” This includes people with the title “manager,” “supervisor” or “team lead.” California has some of the toughest wage and hour laws anywhere, and you may indeed be eligible for overtime pay, including back overtime pay. Explain your situation to an employment law attorney concerning your situation.

When I was hired, my employer made me sign a noncompete agreement. Are these enforceable in California?

It depends. Some noncompete agreements are enforceable and some are not. An attorney at the Law Offices of Mauro Fiore, Jr., can review your situation and discuss your legal options.

Learn About Your Rights In The Workplace

Contact us by calling 866-262-3670to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your case. We will help you understand your legal options and guide you through the process every step of the way.

We offer evening and weekend appointments upon request, and all of our employees are bilingual in English and Spanish.

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