3 Common Supermarket Worker Accidents

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As a supermarket worker, you may think your occupation is relatively simple. While you know you work hard, you may not think it is a particularly dangerous job. However, there are some hazards in grocery stores and supermarkets that may seriously injure you.Grocery store accidents may leave you with lost wages and medical bills. You must be ready to file a workers' compensation claim if you sustain an injury, whether you are preparing food, stocking the shelves or working the register. Here are some common accidents and injuries that may affect grocery workers.1. Back injuryYou may injure your back while performing various job duties in the grocery store. For example, you may lift heavy boxes while storing products in the warehouse or filling the shelves. Standing too long may also result in damage to your back. HealthDay says that even loading items into bags as a grocery clerk may hurt your back if the bag loading height is too low.2. Slips, trips and fallsGrocery stores are prone to liquid and food spills. Potential hazards that may cause you to fall while at work include:

  • Drink spills
  • Water spills in the produce section
  • Boxes lying around in the aisles or warehouse
  • Using a ladder

Falling accidents can cause severe injuries, whether you fall from a height or at the same level.3. Food preparation accidentsIf you work in the following departments, you are at risk of unique injuries:

  • Bakery
  • Deli
  • Produce
  • Butcher

Sharp knives and hot surfaces may cause lacerations and burns.These are just a few of the  potential hazards at grocery stores and supermarkets. You may also sustain an injury if an object strikes you, if a car in the parking lot hits you while you are collecting carts, or if a customer becomes violent. After any on-the-job injury, you should seek information about filing a workers' compensation claim. If your claim is denied or your benefits are prematurely terminated, you should speak with an experienced workers' compensation lawyer.

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