Hazards Found In Restaurant Kitchens

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Working in a restaurant kitchen puts you at a unique risk of injuries. There are several potential hazards, including sharp knives, boiling hot liquids and slippery floors that can hurt you.Nobody wants to get an injury on the job. This can make you lose time from work and deal with costly medical expenses. Being aware of the hazardous situations you face can help you protect yourself. Here are some things that can cause workplace injuries in the kitchen.1. Sharp objects
As a cook, you use sharp utensils all the time, including:

  • Knives
  • Graters
  • Cleavers
  • Slicing machines

You may be a pro at using these tools, but you can easily get cuts and lacerations if you are not careful. According to an LA Weekly interview with notable chefs from the area, getting cut is one of the most common ways you can suffer an injury in a commercial kitchen.2. Hot objects
You work with hot surfaces, objects, foods and liquids every day. When you are boiling water, cooking over an open flame or using a frying pan, you can sustain a burn or scald at work. Severe burns can be very painful and make it necessary for you to take time off from your job.3. Slippery or obstructed floors
Kitchen floors get potentially dangerous all the time. Liquids or sauces may spill and create a wet or greasy surface. Boxes and other objects can obstruct your working area, causing you to trip. These hazards can cause you to fall, which may result in various injuries, including broken bones and brain injuries.Being a chef or cook can be dangerous work. Your office is a kitchen, and there are a lot of possible accidents just waiting to happen. If you keep these possible risks in mind, you can be safer at work when you are cooking up delicious meals. In the event that you do sustain an injury, consider filing for workers' compensation. If you have questions about a claim or think you are not getting the medical care you need, speak with an attorney.

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