Should You Go To The Doctor After A Parking Lot Injury?

On behalf of Law Offices of Mauro Fiore, Jr. posted in Motor Vehicle Accidents on Tuesday, June 26, 2018.

Many car accidents happen in parking lots. After all, these lots are where cars spend much of their time. If you have been hurt in a parking lot accident, perhaps t-boned by another car, you could be wondering if going to a doctor is worthwhile. Sure, you have a little pain, but how serious could a parking lot injury be?Actually, it could be fairly serious, and you should see a doctor anytime you experience pain after an accident, even if it is a mere twinge.Pedestrian injuriesMany of the people hurt in parking lot car accidents are pedestrians. Sometimes, they have serious injuries, especially if the vehicle was traveling at an unsafe speed. If any part of your body hurts, whether it is your back, neck, arm, leg or something else, see a doctor as soon as possible.You should still go to the doctor if it takes a while for your pain to show itself. After you are hit, your body may have gone into a system overload, running on adrenaline and shock. Both may have masked any pain that occurred right then, and some injuries really do just take a while to fully reveal themselves.Driver injuriesDrivers of cars can be injured by other cars backing out, cutting across designated driving lanes or by drivers who do not observe their surroundings closely enough. Whiplash is a common injury that can occur even at low speeds. It may take 12 hours for you to begin feeling the effects of the whiplash, and it could be a few days before the pain reaches its full extent. If you do not see a doctor, that could extend your recovery time and potentially lead to your injury getting even worse or to other medical issues.When your head jolts forward and then snaps back, as it does with whiplash, it can affect your neck tendons, ligaments and muscles, which, in turn, can affect other parts of your body. Go to a doctor as soon as possible. Low-speed accidents do not mean low-key medical approaches.If you have been injured, you may be eligible for compensation. Speak with an attorney concerning your legal options.

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