The Most Common Construction Site Injuries

If it seems as if there are more construction sites popping up than before, you are right. According to KPCC, there has recently been a construction boom in Los Angeles and surrounding areas that represents the highest spending seen in decades. While it may provide an economic boost, this influx of construction brings an increased risk, too. Construction sites are notoriously dangerous workplaces, and these are the most common injuries encountered:

Falling from an elevated platform

Construction typically utilizes scaffolding and platforms to facilitate work on multiple-story buildings. A responsible site manager will provide workers with protective gear, but even with these safety measures, working on elevated platforms put workers at risk of falls. This can easily be a fatal injury, and it is indeed the most common accident reported at construction sites.

Electrocution accidents

Second to falls, electrocutions are the most common reported accidents at construction sites. Because contractors are often dealing with wiring and electrical equipment, there is an increased potential for injuries of this nature to occur. Like falls, they are often fatal injuries, too. Electrical components should never be exposed on a construction site, and only a trained electrician should handle them.

Being struck by an object

The third most common injury cited at construction sites is instances of being struck by an object. When workers are completing construction on scaffolding, tools and objects can easily fall from above and strike workers who are below. Even the smallest of items, such as a measuring tape or wrench, can be fatal if it falls from a considerable height and strikes a person's head. Workers who are on an elevated surface should always secure their tools.A significant number of construction accidents are the result of negligence on the part of third-party suppliers or safety violations. In cases such as these, accident victims may be able to claim compensation from those parties, as well as workers' compensation benefits. If you or a loved one has been a victim of an injury at a construction site, you should know your legal options. Contact an attorney for more information on pursuing compensation.

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