Anna Viramontes grew up in Lynwood, Ca where, at a young age, she saw the pain and suffering facing legal victims. She vowed to make a change and at 17 years old started as a receptionist at a personal injury medical office where she learned the ropes and the help provided to these very victims. 

Now, 32 years later, Anna continues to shine and innovate in the Personal Injury field. She has spent the last 7 years at Fiore Legal, under the direct tutelage and right hand of Mauro Fiore Jr.  

Her current focus is pre litigation, where Ana runs a team of 10+ employees who specialize in both pre & post litigation. She has also been responsible for sourcing many clients for Fiore Legal that have led to millions of dollars in settlements for those very same victims she sought to defend as a professional woman growing up in Lynwood. 

In addition, Anna focuses on business development and industry relationships, most notably with medical and other professional experts. 

In her spare time she is an avid creative mind who loves design and creative aesthetics as well as continuing to hone her craft as one of Southern California’s premier personal injury relationship managers. 

WE win big cases

Recent Settlements


Bike Accident

A 16-year-old girl was hit by a delivery van for local supermarket while riding her bicycle home from school. After Fiore Legal took over the case, we were able to negotiate a settlement for her for 3 Million Dollars.


Workplace Accident

A uniform delivery driver injured his back and was forced to undergo surgery due to the negligence of warehouse employees. Fiore Legal obtained 1.5 Million Dollars for his injuries.


Car Accident

After a man in 50's suffered a broken neck in a low speed rear-end collision. We successfully sued Ford Motor Co. for a defective seat in his car causing the injury, winning $2.5M.


High School Football Injury

A High School Football player suffered traumatic brain injury during a game and was forced to continue playing by his coach. Fiore Legal obtained 5.2 Million Dollars for his injuries.


Apartment Tenant Injury

A man in his 40s was severely injured when the stairway for his apartment building in Los Angeles broke under his feet . After a hard-fought court battle, Fiore Legal obtained 2.2 Million Dollars for his injuries.


Delivery Driver Injury

A FedEx delivery driver was injured when the door of a major Hollywood record producers recording studio collapsed onto him. We obtained 3 Million Dollars for his injuries.

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