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December 2016 Archives

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Restaurant workers are frequently subjected to sexual harassment

California has countless restaurants that cater to millions of residents and tourists. Behind the glamorous façade is an unfortunate side for many of the servers working in the restaurant industry. At the Law Offices of Mauro Fiore, Jr., we are aware of the conditions that you might face if you work in a restaurant. Sexual harassment is a problem that is particularly prevalent in the industry.

How can you stay safe during the New Year?

Like many Californians, you might have big plans to celebrate an unforgettable New Year’s Eve. Whether or not your plans involve alcohol, you might be put in danger simply by going out during the holiday. More people drink and drive during the New Year holiday than any other time of the year. If you are aware of the risks and stay responsible around alcohol, you may significantly reduce your chances of being in an accident.

How to help a victim in a burning car

California residents are far too familiar with the dry conditions that can maintain and spread fire. But just how prepared can one be to face a fire in their own vehicle? Needless to say, the actions one takes when someone’s vehicle is spewing smoke and flame can make all the difference in survivability.

Should Some Apps Be Locked When Driving?

Distracted driving kills about 3,500 people each year. One of the biggest culprits? Smartphone apps. To reduce the number of road fatalities caused by distracted driving, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has issued voluntary guidelines for Smartphone manufacturers. The guidelines ask Smartphone manufacturers to incorporate features that block some video displays and limit the ability to enter text when a vehicle is in motion. Under the guidelines, maps to facilitate navigation would still be permitted.

How to choose the right motorcycle gear

For motorcyclists in California, staying safe is an essential concern. This entails selecting the right gear from head to toe to ensure protection remains comprehensive in the event of an accident. While it may seem cut and dry, there are many different types of gear to choose from, which can make finding the right type of equipment a bit difficult.

What should I know about sexual harassment?

As an employer in California, you should have a good understanding of sexual harassment and the havoc it can wreak within the workplace. With the right information you can ensure that your workers enjoy a pleasant working environment while also sidestepping any potential legal issues that can accompany instances of harassment.

Centralized database aimed at decreasing negligent truck drivers

When driving alongside a massive tractor trailer, people assume that the truck driver is qualified, trained and has the experience necessary to handle an 80,000-pound vehicle on the busy roadways in California. Surprisingly, there are a number of truckers on the road who are unqualified and may even be intoxicated, distracted or drowsy while navigating alongside you in traffic.

The link between slip-and-fall accidents and brain injuries

California business owners and property owners have a responsibility to keep their spaces free from debris and other matter than may cause someone to slip and fall. Slip-and-fall accidents can cause serious injuries, including traumatic brain damage. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that falls are the number one cause of traumatic brain injury in the U.S. If someone should slip, fall and injure themselves while patronizing a store or walking across a property, the owner of that store or property may be held liable for any injuries that occur.

Nighttime driving and the increased risk of fatal car accidents

People who drive during the day have a significant risk of being hit by a drowsy, drunk, distracted or otherwise negligent motorist. Once the sun sets in California, however, people face an even greater risk of becoming the victim of an auto accident. According to the National Safety Council, the rate of motor vehicle accident fatalities is three times higher at night than it is during the day.

Third leading cause of death: Medical errors

When you walk into a clinic or hospital seeking treatment for yourself or your family, you have a reasonable expectation and trust that you are in good hands. While many doctors and medical facilities provide excellent healthcare, the 2016 study from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine is alarming.

Misclassification: a threat to a worker’s FLSA protections

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, California employers have the responsibility of ensuring their employees are compensated correctly and fairly. In some situations, a company may classify a worker incorrectly, and it might infringe upon his or her rights as an employee. As such, it is crucial to understand how a classification is determined and what is being done to prevent miscategorization.

The continued efforts to curb drinking and driving

Over the last several decades, there have been many attempts to educate people on the risks of alcohol-impaired driving. However, in California and other states, driving under the influence continues to be a dangerous issue that causes a large number of deaths and injuries. Consequently, there are ongoing efforts by advocacy groups and government organizations to not only monitor the drinking and driving dilemma, but also provide tools and strategies that may prevent it.

Saturation patrols proving more effective than checkpoints

Law enforcement agencies across California and the United States tend to step up their efforts to catch drunk drivers during the holiday season, but some efforts are proving far more effective than others. The OC Register reports that saturation patrols, or those that involve having authorities in specific areas remain on high alert for certain driving behaviors, are not only more economical, but are also better at catching drunk drivers than DUI checkpoints.

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