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March 2017 Archives

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Laws about discrimination during recruiting

Are you one of the many California residents who is looking for a new job? You deserve to know that you have equal chances at being selected for an interview and eventually hired for a job that someone else so long as you are properly qualified for it based upon your education and work history experience. Those, in fact, should be the primary factors upon which a company should assess your potential employment. 

Accident closes freeway for over eight hours

California residents must continually be on the lookout for negligent and irresponsible drivers. Whether it is a driver who thinks more about the thrill of driving at excessive speeds instead of the safety of others or the person who refuses to let someone else drive if drinking, these people put innocent Californians at risk every day. On top of this can be the problem of people who do not adequately respond and avoid running into those involved in accidents that have already happened.

Portion of federal rule for truckers to be dropped

California has more than its share of roads travelled by semi trucks and other commercial vehicles. Whether transportation agriculture, hazardous materials or other goods, truck transportation remains an essential part of the economy in this state. That, however, can put residents at risk when sharing the road with truckers who may be fatigued after spending many long and lonely hours on the road.

U.S. drivers wary of fully autonomous vehicles

California may be home to many technology companies leading the way in the development of autonomous vehice technologies but that does not necessarily mean that every person in the state or even the nation is yet ready to embrace these changes. A study conducted by AAA indicates a high level of hesitation among drivers when they think about riding in or sharing the road with fully autonomous vehicles.

What is ERISA?

If you work for a business in California that offers a company-sponsored retirement plan as part of its employee benefits package, you should know that there are laws governing these plans. The United States Department of Labor indicates that the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 was set up to protect the assets you put into your company's retirement plan.

Woman killed by drunk driver with extensive criminal past

The United States as a nation is a melting pot and certainly the state of California is very representative of this. Regardless of nationality or country of origin, every person in California should be able to feel safe on the road or know that protection is available to them if an accident occurs.

4 things you should know about sharing the road with motorcycles

Avoiding accidents and keeping the roads fatality free are responsibilities is a reponsbility of drivers of all types of vehicles. Drivers of automobiles, trucks, big rigs and motorcycles must be aware of not only what they are doing but also what other drivers on the road will do. Anticipating the moves of another driver can save lives and prevent serious injury. Motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable on the road, as they are less protected than other drivers. To increase safety for motorcycles on highways, freeways and even downtown streets, drivers should follow these rules.

What are electronic logging devices?

If you have ever driven alongside a semi truck or other large commercial vehicle in California while being in a normal passenger vehicle, you know the feeling you get when you realize just how massive these big rigs really are. It is no wonder that accidents involving these trucks can be so dangerous and even deadly. These crashes can be caused by many things and truck driver fatigue is one of those things.

UC employees, students allege harassment

Employment laws in California aim to protect all workers and ensure that everyone is provided with a safe environment within which to work. This not only includes an environment safe from accidents but one also that is free of discrimination and harassment. Additionally, it is important for employers to treat all employees fairly and equally and to not give preferential treatment to those in positions of power.

Tow truck operator killed by drunk driver

California residents know that the public awareness about the dangers of drunk driving has increased dramatically in recent decades. Sadly, those efforts have not been able to stop many people from making the very tragic and completely unnecessary choice to operate vehicles while after drinking alcohol. The result is that more Californians continue to be injured or killed in drunk driving crashes.

Officers at risk of motorcycle crashes

Riding a motorcycle is a great joy to biker enthusiasts in California yet it comes with an inherent level of danger that may surpass that of driving a passenger vehicle due to the limited amount of protection around the drivers and any passengers. It is also true that many of the dangers faced by motorcyclists come in the form of other drivers who make negligent choices or operate their vehicles recklessely.

What are the leading causes of truck accidents?

When a Californian driver gets into a crash with a truck driver, chances are they'll be the one worse for wear simply due to the size and weight of the vehicles involved. Because of these dangers, you may be wondering what causes truck accidents in the first place, and we at the Law Offices of Mauro Fiore, JR. strive to answer this question for you.

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