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April 2017 Archives

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Laws Protecting the Rights of California Workers

You might be familiar with basic labor laws, but there are, in fact, a litany of legislative and administrative rules dictating appropriate behavior for employers in California. Infractions should not be taken lightly, and according to the Society for Human Resource Management, there are a number of new employment laws that will take effect throughout the state in 2017. It is important that employers and employees alike be aware of the labor laws that rule the workplace, including some of the most common violations.

What can be done when an employer retaliates?

Among the many laws that companies must comply with in the state of California are those that govern how they may or may not treat their employees or people who are seeking employment with them. Among these laws is the clear identification that is it illegal for a company to retaliate against an employee. This may be done through demotions, terminations, job denials or other actions. If you believe you have been retaliated against, you should know your rights.

Overtime for nonexempt employees

If you have a job in California, you know that there are certain laws your employer must follow. Certainly the law cannot mandate exactly how much money you earn other than outlining provisions for minimum wage requirements. However, there are ways the law does help to provide guidelines for what you should be paid in certain situations such as when you work beyond what is considered a normal or full day or week of work.

Distracted driving awareness month highlights risks

California has long been the land of the car. Compared to the more dense regions of the east coast and even with busy roads and freeways, California still offers people plenty of open space in which to enjoy the activity of driving. As cellphones have grown to become virtually essential elements in the everyday lives of drivers, their use when behind the wheel has also become commonplace. While both driving and using cellphones seem like basic rights or privileges people enjoy, the two together can be dangerous and even deadly.

The most common construction site injuries

If it seems as if there are more construction sites popping up than before, you are right. According to KPCC, there has recently been a construction boom in Los Angeles and surrounding areas that represents the highest spending seen in decades. While it may provide an economic boost, this influx of construction brings an increased risk, too. Construction sites are notoriously dangerous workplaces, and these are the most common injuries encountered:

What is negligent entrustment?

If you are involved in a car accident in West Covina, you may ultimately be left with little choice but to seek compensation from the driver that caused the collision in order to cover accident expenses such as medical bills, lost wages and/or repairs to your vehicle. Yet what if the driver who struck you was a teenager? He or she likely does not have the resources to help you. In such a case, are you then permitted to seek compensation from his or her parents?

Examining swimming pool owner liability

While spring serves as a sign of warmer weather and summer fun being on the horizon around the rest of the country, West Covina residents enjoy such activities all throughout the year thanks to California’s climate. One diversion that many associate with warmer months is swimming. Indeed, California is known for its large number of private swimming pools. Yet with pool ownership also comes the responsibility to keep people (particularly children) safe from the risks that pools present.

Government to launch new study on trucker fatigue

California residents have good reason to be concerned about fatigued truck drivers. They should know that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is looking to launch a new study to find just what type of break requirements may be most effective at combatting fatigue among truckers.

The impact of a spinal cord injury

Living in California means that you deal with some of the busiest roads and freeways in the world on a daily basis. This naturally opens up the possibility that you may be involved in an accident at some point. Whether caused by a drunk driver, a fatigued trucker or a person who just can't put away the phone while driving, the result can be equally devastating. As WebMD explains, a spinal cord injury is one condition that may result from a car or motorcycle accident.

Woman accuses county of wrongful termination

California residents who are employed should be able to know and trust that they will be treated respectfully while on the job. Certainly there are laws that aim to prevent blatant discrimination and harassment yet they do not always manage to stop people who simply choose to do the wrong things. Similarly, people are supposed to be able to report inappropriate behavior without fear of any form of retaliatory behavior.

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