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May 2017 Archives

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Caltrans found liable in motorcycle accident

A former UCLA football player was recently awarded $35 million by a jury after losing his leg in a motorcycle accident and suing Caltrans. ABC 7 reports that the lawsuit against Caltrans was brought because the player claimed that the accident was due to the intersection being hazardous and Caltrans not taking appropriate steps to make it safer for those on the road. The jury ultimately agreed.

California “day of rest” clarified

A new ruling from the California Supreme Court has granted more leeway to employers on the day off guaranteed to workers. According to the San Francisco Business Times, this ruling is meant to clarify whether or not an employee is entitled one day off out of every work week or if that is a moving seven-day period.

Hands-free laws expanded for California drivers

As smartphones have become so much more than portable calling devices, California law has worked to keep pace with the new technology that changes the day to day lives of millions. The Los Angeles Times reported that a new law restricts cell phone usage while driving further than regulations previously went, due to the changing technology available on most phones. The existing laws, which went into place back in 2006, banned drivers on California streets and highways from making calls or texting while driving unless they were using hands-free technology, such as Bluetooth, to complete these actions.

Man claims he was fired for not texting and driving

California drivers are well aware of the consequences texting while driving presents, but the San Diego Union-Tribune reports that an employee of a trucking company claims he was fired for refusing to text and drive. Although it cannot be confirmed that other drivers for the company had crashed due to texting while driving, information available through the Department of Transportation states that there have been eight crashes related to the trucking company since March 31, 2015.

Pedestrian deaths increase nationwide

Pedestrian deaths are on the rise across the nation, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, and California had more than any other state in the nation. A report by the Governors Highway Safety Association showed 2016 had an increase of 11 percent in pedestrian deaths nationwide compared to 2015, which puts these fatalities at an all-time high.

Commercial trucking poses risks to the public

California residents are no strangers to busy roadways. While vehicle accidents may to some degree be considered normal, they are never anything that a person wants to be involved in, especially when they involve very large commercial vehicles like semi trucks. Just how dangerous are these vehicles?

What is the Department of Fair Employment and Housing?

Have you been concerned about or suspected that you have been impacted by some type of discrimination at work in California? Maybe you have felt discriminated against in the process of seeking a job for which you were not ultimately hired. When these things happen, you need to know what rights you have and what laws and agencies handle these issues.

Woman dies in suspected drunk driving motorcycle crash

Many people in California residents enjoy operating motorcycles and the feeling of freedom that can come with doing so. Other people find being a passenger on a motorcycle equally enjoyable without the responsibility of having to drive the bike. People in both positions, however, can face serious risks if an accident occurs. These crashes may be caused by other vehicles or by motorcyclists themselves that leave their passengers injured.

Bullying by a co-worker

Have you ever felt as though a colleague has treated you inappropriately at work in California? If so, you are sadly not alone. Forbes indicates that a researcher from the University of Phoenix suggests that nearly three-fourths of all workers in America have experienced some type of bullying at work. Additionally, this bullying may happen from people in a range of positions from those above you to those below you as well as from your own peers.

How common is sex-related harassment at work?

If you have heard reports about people saying they have been harassed at work because of their gender or that they have encountered sexual harassment in the workplace in California, you may have wondered how often this actually happens. Maybe you have known someone who has experienced this type of harassment. Perhaps you have even been on the receiving end of such inappropriate and illegal behavior. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission collects and reports data on the number of reports of sex-based harassment filed around the nation and that can give some insight into how broadly spread this problem is.

Understanding liability in ridesharing accidents

As more and more California residents use ridesharing services, like Uber and Lyft, instead of taxis, understanding the implications of car accidents involving these vehicles becomes increasingly important. As Wired reports, ridesharing services began an increased insurance coverage for drivers in July 2015.

Know your rights at work

Work can be back-breaking and intellectually consuming, so it is important to be paid fairly, and in California there are specific laws protecting employees from wage theft or discrimination. Not only do employers need to meet the state minimum wage, there are other laws on the books affording rights to California workers.

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