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If you are a construction worker, you are well aware that your job is often difficult and dangerous. One small misstep may land you in the hospital or worse. Risks are inherent to your occupation. You may be curious about what causes workplace accidents on construction sites. Here is a list of some common causes of construction site injuries.

1. Unsafe elevations

You may need to use scaffolding, climb ladders, work on tall buildings, and walk up multiple floors to do your job. Unfortunately, falling from heights is the most fatal type of construction accident. Unsafe conditions that cause falls include improper scaffold construction, unprotected sides, floor holes, and improper use of portable ladders.

2. Cave-ins

Trenching and excavation are routine construction operations. You may need to make depressions into the ground in order to build a structure. A trench without proper protection is one of the most dangerous construction risks. If the trench is not properly made or does not have protective systems, you may suffer an injury if it collapses.

3. Electrical accidents

You must use electrical tools frequently to fulfill your responsibilities as a construction worker. Extension cords, power lines, and tools can cause an electrocution. This may result in you sustaining external and internal burns.

4. Repetitive motions

One risk you should not forget about is the movements and actions you make during your shift. You must partake in hard physical labor, repeat motions and use your muscles and joints a lot. This may cause you to develop repetitive stress injuries or overexertion.

5. Moving objects

A construction site is full of various objects, including vehicles, tools, and bricks. If you come into contact with these objects, you may sustain serious harm. This may include a forklift crashing into you, a hammer falling on your head, or bricks falling and hitting you. These are just a few examples of what may cause a workplace injury. If you have been injured you may be entitled to workers' compensation benefits. If your injury was the fault of someone not employed by your company, such as an equipment supplier, you may be eligible for additional compensation. Speak with an attorney as soon as possible to learn about your legal options.

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