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Attorney Mauro Fiore, Jr. is a Los Angeles Employment Law Attorney. He and his legal team have won more than $100 Million for injured clients since 2001.

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When Should I Get My Overtime Pay?

If you are like most California workers, you enjoy working overtime, not because you love the extra work, but because you love the time-and-a-half or double-time wage rates you receive. Sometimes you have that money spent in your mind before you even get it. Even if not, your overtime pay is important to you, and you want your employer to pay it as soon as possible.

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How Discrimination Can Play A Role In Denying Promotions

Many companies try to be at least semi-proactive when it comes to hiring a diverse workforce and training managers and supervisors to avoid harassment, discrimination and the like. However, companies tend not notice the bigger picture about such issues. For example, they may not have a proactive strategy to ensure that deserving employees get promotions (or pay raises) regardless of their gender, disability, race or other protected class.

Why Construction Workers Are At High Risk For TBIs

Construction workers in California run a substantial risk of receiving a traumatic brain injury while at work. This is because they often are required to perform their jobs while on roofs, scaffolding, tall ladders, etc., and they are at risk of falling from such high places. The Mayo Clinic states that falls are the most common cause of TBIs.

Common Employment Law Violations You Should Know About

Some employers misclassify their workers as independent contractors, part-time, or exempt when they are actually full-time employees to avoid paying overtime and giving them benefits to which the federal law entitles them. It is important for workers to pay attention to the number of hours they work each day and week and their job duties. They should closely examine their pay stubs to make sure their employer is not underpaying, misclassifying or denying any of their entitled benefits.

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