Workers’ Compensation

Attorney Mauro Fiore, Jr. is a Los Angeles Workers’ Compensation Lawyer. He and his legal team have won more than $100 Million for injured clients since 2001.

Man with knee injured in a construction accident receives help from coworker

3 Safety Precautions That Can Help Prevent Construction Accidents

Construction accidents are tragic both in their frequency and their preventability. Too often, a simple mistake on a construction site causes an accident that will have a lasting impact on the victim. Taking simple precautions to encourage safety and prevent such mishaps is the best way to ensure that workers are kept safe from any hazards beyond those that are already present on a construction site.

Young building worker injured at construction site

Don’t Let Fear Prevent You From Filing For Workers’ Compensation

If you suffered an injury on the job in the Los Angeles area and you are covered by workers’ compensation, you should know that the law protects your right to claim work comp benefits. However, some workers do not file for workers’ compensation benefits because they fear their employer will retaliate against them. However, the law also protects you from employer retaliation, and you cannot be fired from your job for filing a legitimate workers’ compensation claim.

Woman walking down a supermarket isle surrounded by grocery shelves

3 Common Supermarket Worker Accidents

As a supermarket worker, you may think your occupation is relatively simple. While you know you work hard, you may not think it is a particularly dangerous job. However, there are some hazards in grocery stores and supermarkets that may seriously injure you.

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