Driver Who Was Allegedly Under The Influence Kills 1 In Crash

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A driver who was reportedly under the influence behind the wheel was recently involved in a car accident in California, and that crash left a woman dead.

Reports state that the police think the driver had been drinking alcohol and using marijuana before the wreck. They also think that he was breaking the speed limit.

Video from the scene shows a small Honda Fit sitting in front of a pickup truck that has its flashers on. Both vehicles are silver. The pickup appears to have slammed right into the driver’s side door of the much smaller Fit, and the report did indicate that it was a T-bone accident.

The news crew at the scene said that the woman in the Fit was pulling out into the street at the time of the impact. The pickup truck hit her car with enough force that she was killed at the scene and passed away before emergency crews could even take her to the hospital.

The man in that truck did suffer injuries, though he’s expected to make a full recovery, and he was taken to Woodland Hills hospital for treatment. He was then detained by the police and brought into custody.

Though police did not have the data directly on hand when asked, one officer said that she feels like crashes involving marijuana are becoming more common.

When a driver is under the influence and speeding, it only takes a small mistake to cause a deadly accident. The families of those who pass away or suffer serious injuries have to know what steps they can take to seek financial compensation for their costs.

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