Kevin Hart Involved In Serious Crash In California

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If you watch comedies or are interested in stand-up, then you are likely familiar with Kevin Hart. He was recently involved in a serious car crash in California. He was riding with a driver and another passenger when the vehicle, a 1970 Plymouth Barracuda, went off the road and rolled.

The California Highway Patrol reported that both Hart and the driver suffered major back injuries, but Hart’s wife reported that he would be fine. The other passenger in the vehicle complained of pain, but their injuries weren’t further disclosed. Fortunately, there were no reports indicating that any of the people involved were in life-threatening condition, and they were all taken to the hospital for treatment.

The accident is still under investigation, but the police have noted that alcohol did not play a role in the collision.

Eight months later, Kevin Hart has made almost a full recovery after his accident. Hart explained that he received a lot of back surgery and his entire spine is essentially metal now because so many vertebrae were damaged. In addition, he was told that had he not been in such good physical shape when he was injured, he would likely have been paralyzed for life.

Doctors explained to Hart he could make a full recovery, but he needed to have patience, which he said was something of a problem because his motivation to heal led him to conceal his pain.

“I lied in the hospital because I didn’t want them to know that I was having pain, because I thought they would stop letting me try my walks,” Hart said, adding that he refused all pain medication due to the fact his father was a drug addict. “Every night was a horrible night.”

Nearly three weeks after his accident, Hart said he was moving without a walker, but he was pushing it too much.

Hart said he is now “98 percent” physically recovered but changed forever in that his family is now No.1 in his life and his career is second, explaining his film shoots and stand-up tours are now scheduled to allow more time with his wife and kids.

Kevin Hart’s accident is just one example of how a single-car crash could result in a situation where a passenger could file a claim for their injuries. If a driver causes a collision, then it’s usually their insurance that will cover the cost of medical care. Passengers are able to file a claim, even though they’re in the same vehicle.

If you’re involved in a single-car crash, don’t think that you’re out of luck. You may be able to pursue a claim against the driver or even against the vehicle’s manufacturer if there was a defect that led to the collision. Gather the information about your situation for your attorney, so you can talk about the potential for seeking compensation to cover your financial losses.

Updated on June 25, 2020. The Hollywood Reporter described Kevin Hart’s experience in his process of recovery and how he is doing much better.

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