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Why seniors are more susceptible to falling

While there are certain factors that increase everyone’s odds of falling down, such as insufficient lighting, cluttered pathways and icy sidewalks, you face an even greater chance of taking a tumble as you age. At the Law Offices of Mauro Fiore, Jr., we have a firm understanding of the reasons seniors are more likely to fall and suffer injury than those across other age groups, and we have helped many older Americans seek recourse after suffering injury because of someone else’s negligence.

How can California business owners be proactive about safety?

If you fall down the steps heading out the door of a shop or become the victim of an assault on someone's property, knowing the basics of premises liability will help you navigate in the months following the incident. California residents who find themselves injured on someone else's property may seek monetary compensation for medical expenses, emotional trauma and more. If you choose to go this route, you will primarily attempt to prove the business owner was negligent in maintaining the property, and the negligence was a substantial factor in causing harm.

When accidents happen: California premises liability

California residents expect that the places they go to are safe. Be it the grocery store, an art museum, a theater, their doctor’s office, or any other place, they do not expect the property’s maintenance and upkeep to be so poor as to present a danger to their health or safety. If, however, they are injured, such as by falling on a wet floor or sidewalk, or if, for instance, one of their vehicle’s tires is ruined because of a jagged pothole in the parking lot, they may wish to sue for monetary damages.

How homeowners can prevent injuries

As the holiday season begins, many people will host guests in their California homes. Homeowners have an obligation to ensure the safety of their guests. A previous blog discussed the situations in which people are responsible for an injury. This blog will explain how people can keep injuries from occurring at their homes.

Homeowner responsibility for injuries

When you host parties at your California home, you may pay more attention to comfort than to safety. Accidents can easily happen at your home, though. We at the Law Offices of Mauro Fiore, Jr., know it is important to understand when you might be liable for the injuries a guest incurs.

Safely handling wet floors

California shop owners know just how dangerous a simple wet floor can be. If a shopkeeper don't take proper precautions to handle a spill and warn for areas that are slippery or wet, they could quickly find yourself facing legal rammifications.

What is the purpose of “Employees Only” signs?

You may have wondered why California storeowners and businesses place signs on certain doors saying “Employees Only” or “Authorized Personnel Only.” While it is certainly true that businesses may be trying to control what goes on behind closed doors, for example, the protection of employee property, the availability of sensitive or proprietary information or business inventory, but they may also be attempting to minimize the risk of harm to persons who are unfamiliar with certain hazardous or dangerous conditions. Sometimes such conditions are a necessary part of their operations, such as, when a retailer needs to store heavy boxes in a back room or a manufacturer has to use and operate heavy machinery.

Examining swimming pool owner liability

While spring serves as a sign of warmer weather and summer fun being on the horizon around the rest of the country, West Covina residents enjoy such activities all throughout the year thanks to California’s climate. One diversion that many associate with warmer months is swimming. Indeed, California is known for its large number of private swimming pools. Yet with pool ownership also comes the responsibility to keep people (particularly children) safe from the risks that pools present.


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