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Cycling is a great, eco-friendly way to get around. It’s fun, exhilarating, and you get some exercise while you’re doing it. However, if you fail to be cautious of basic safety protocols, it can easily result in a serious accident. With that being said, it is imperative to practice these safety tips to minimize your risk of an accident while riding.

  1. Keep your bike well-maintained and always check your bike before riding. For example, take a good look at the brakes, gears, and chains to ensure that they are in good shape. If any of the equipment on your bike isn’t in good condition, you could find yourself in serious trouble.
  1. Use a proper, high-quality helmet. You should always wear a helmet while riding a bicycle and make sure that it is fitted as well, regardless of how short or long your ride is. Wearing a helmet can potentially reduce the risk of a potentially life-threatening head injury.
  1. Keep an eye out for parked cars. It is also very important to watch out for parked cars. Open door accidents happen to be one of the most common bicycle accidents, which occurs when a person suddenly opens a car door and a cyclist runs into it. These types of accidents can be extremely serious.
  1. Ride defensively and don’t assume drivers can see you. You should always ride with the assumption that no one can see you, especially because distracted driving is more common than ever. 
  1. See and be seen. This goes hand in hand with riding defensively and the fact that you shouldn’t assume that drivers can see you. Stay out of blind spots and use hand signals when necessary.
  1. Avoid wearing headphones, as they can limit your awareness capabilities.
  1. Remain alert and follow the rules of the road. As a cyclist, it is also very important to remain extremely alert when riding and get acquainted with the rules of the road and follow them accordingly.
  1. Watch for road hazards, such as potholes, debris, wet roads, and other hazards that can be detrimental for cyclists.

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