there is a sign that says caution wet floor while a person is walking down the stairs

Although Los Angeles is unlikely to get snow or similar slick weather conditions, the reality is that people can still suffer from slip-and-fall accidents related to water. Business owners and individuals may be liable for those slip-and-fall accidents if the conditions of their properties were not safe as a result of failing to address water-related hazards. Here's an example: If you're walking down steps that have no tread and it's raining, you could slip and fall as a result.

Having slick steps is a hazard, so business owners should know better and provide non-slip pads or treads. In this case, the combination of failing to have non-slip treads and the poor weather conditions could be a recipe for a lawsuit. Similarly, if the stairs were next to a fountain that made them slick, it would be obvious that the owner should have ensured the staircase was dry or had enough tread to prevent a fall. There are also other times when water could make an area dangerous. Consider a walkway leading up to a pool or pond. You'd expect there to be gravel or gritty textures to prevent falls. In those areas, water is usually splashed around and can make the vicinity slick, so a gritty ground covering is essential to preventing falls.

Failing to provide good traction around those areas or failing to warn of slick conditions could result in a lawsuit for a business owner. Overall, remember that business owners have to do what they can to make a premises safe. If you slip and fall on slick walkways or stairs, you may have a right to compensation.

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