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Every year, so many people look forward to one of the best times of the year: summer. It’s loved by so many, as it means the end of the school year, vacations, beach days, pool days, backyard barbeques, and so much more. While summertime offers so many fun and exciting times, it is also known to be one of the most dangerous times of the year due to an increase in accidents.

Generally, summertime means that there are more people out and about on the roads, water, and more. So inevitably, this means an increase in auto accidents. However, this doesn’t just mean that auto accidents increase – but a wide range of accidents, such as swimming pool accidents, boating accidents, and other types of accidents. Although there are a wide range of accidents that occur in the summer, auto accidents tend to be the most concerning in the summertime.

Common Reasons That Contribute to an Increase of Auto Accidents in the Summer

There are a wide range of reasons that contribute to an increase of auto accidents in the summer, such as:

  • Teen drivers: Summertime means that school is not in session, meaning less children in school. During the summer months, children, particularly teenagers, have more free time and are out and about more than ever. As a result, more teen drivers are out on the road, especially at night. Unfortunately, teen drivers are more likely to partake in speeding, distracted driving, and drinking while driving, ultimately leading to an increase in accidents.
  • Drunk driving: Teens are not the only ones that are likely to drink and drive during summer months, but all adult drivers, as well. Summertime means more parties and events, such as weddings, barbeques, sporting events, and other types of outings, which often leads to more drunk drivers on the roads.
  • More pedestrians and bicyclists: Due to the warmer weather, more pedestrians and bicyclists are naturally outside during the summer. Now when there are more motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists outside, this increases the risk of accidents to occur. 

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