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While there are certain factors that increase everyone’s odds of falling down, such as insufficient lighting, cluttered pathways, and icy sidewalks, you face an even greater chance of taking a tumble as you age. At the Law Offices of Mauro Fiore, Jr., we have a firm understanding of the reasons seniors are more likely to fall and suffer injury than those across other age groups, and we have helped many older Americans seek recourse after suffering injury because of someone else’s negligence. Per AgingCare.com, there are several key factors that make you more likely to fall as you age. Among the most notable is the fact that you tend to be less mobile as you age. This decline in physical fitness can lead to a loss of bone mass, coordination, and strength, which makes you more likely to fall and hurt yourself. Your vision, too, often deteriorates as you age, and this, too, contributes to your chance of falling and suffering a serious injury as a result. Environmental factors also impact your chance of falling down, and even more so when you already have other risk factors in place, such as poor eyesight or diminished muscle control. Loose carpeting, slick floors, and cluttered staircases are just some of the environmental factors that can cause you to fall as an older person. You are also more likely than the average American to take prescription medications and undergo certain surgeries, such as hip replacement surgery, as you age, and this, too, can boost your chance of taking a serious fall. Medications can impact balance and affect you in a manner similar to alcohol, while recovering from surgery may lead you to favor one side of your body over the other, which can also lead to an uptick in falls. More about slip-and-fall accidents and injuries is available on our web page.

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