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If you fall down the steps heading out the door of a shop or become the victim of an assault on someone's property, knowing the basics of premises liability will help you navigate in the months following the incident. California residents who find themselves injured on someone else's property may seek monetary compensation for medical expenses, emotional trauma and more. If you choose to go this route, you will primarily attempt to prove the business owner was negligent in maintaining the property, and the negligence was a substantial factor in causing harm.According to Forbes, property owners can be proactive in preparing for accidents that will likely happen on their premises. Beyond simply investing in general liability insurance to cover expenses, they may follow what Forbes calls "best practices." These simple steps cannot offer a guarantee of no mishaps, but they can provide evidence of an owner's due diligence in caring for the buildings and grounds.InspectA business owner's goal is to find the problems before they find you, and taking the time to inspect the property thoroughly can help with that. This practice may seem to cost more time or money than an owner would like to invest, but discovering potential liabilities early will keep you and others on the property safe in the long run.CorrectAn owner should take action right away when you point out a broken railing, chipped step or other unsafe condition that could result in injury. Employees should do the same, taking care of situations like these immediately and recognizing their responsibility in maintaining a safe environment.WarnA freshly mopped floor or newly repaired hand railing may still not be completely safe. In these cases, signs that warn of the danger are mandatory. Property owners should be sure the warnings are highly visible to provide sufficient evidence of their commitment to safety.This information is only intended to educate regarding premises liability and should not be interpreted as legal advice.

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